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WO-2009047410-A2: Device for mooring and securing an object patent, WO-2009056937-A3: Connectivity fault management in a provider backbone bridge traffic engineering (pbb-te) domain patent, WO-2009073811-A3: System and method to quantify circadian entrainment disruption patent, WO-2009080043-A2: A wind turbine generator with a heat exchanger patent, WO-2009085427-A3: Turbocharger having fluidic water drain valve patent, WO-2009088972-A1: Virtual keyboard and onscreen keyboard patent, WO-2009092673-A1: Sight patent, WO-2009093922-A1: Three wing radial wind-turbine patent, WO-2009099691-A2: Iterative component binding patent, WO-2009108263-A3: Method and system for displaying correlated advertisements to internet users patent, WO-2009112717-A1: Device for acquiring fingerprints on the fly patent, WO-2009112918-A1: Method and apparatus for transmitting an image in a wireless network patent, WO-2009114333-A2: Particle agglutination in a tip patent, WO-2009126948-A3: Mold and process for combining metal/ceramic and polymer component mixture in the formation of homogenous parts and further including an article of manufacture & process for creating a combination plastic and silver composite exhibiting lifelong anti-biotic properties patent, WO-2009135534-A1: Method of efficient channel allocation in wireless systems patent, WO-2009139712-A1: Item dispenser with multi-section wells patent, WO-2009155144-A3: Hierarchically presenting tabular data patent, WO-2010004434-A2: Method of promoting neurogenesis patent, WO-2010011228-A1: Leakage current dissipation devices patent, WO-2010019000-A2: Method and system for providing input in home network using upnp patent, WO-2010019329-A3: Improved microvalve device patent, WO-2010022191-A2: Organic-Inorganic Complexes Containing a Luminescent Rare earth-Metal Nanocluster and an Antenna Ligand, Luminescent Articles, and Methods of Making Luminescent Compositions patent, WO-2010023599-A1: Registration of multiple care-of-addresses patent, WO-2010030395-A3: Withaferin a analogs and uses thereof patent, WO-2010036330-A1: Multi-item scanning systems and methods of items for purchase in a retail environment patent, WO-2010045362-A3: Food preparation assemblies and related methods patent, WO-2010045537-A1: Tibial tray having a reinforcing member patent, WO-2010046551-A1: Oil separator rotor for turbomachine patent, WO-2010051781-A1: Kinase inhibitors and their use as pharmaceutical agents patent, WO-2010053689-A2: Temperature-controlled battery configuration patent, WO-2010065097-A1: Ankle brace patent, WO-2010066877-A1: Tractor cab heating and ventilating systems patent, WO-2010070651-A3: Document information selection method and computer program product patent, WO-2010090879-A2: Modular building system patent, WO-2010107817-A1: Time and waypoint-based incentives for mobile devices patent, WO-2010127270-A3: Self-contained electrochemical heat transfer system patent, WO-2010129263-A2: A method and apparatus for character animation patent, WO-2010132355-A1: Porous multiple sample sleeve and blood drawing device for flash detection patent, WO-2010148369-A1: Detection circuit for overdrive conditions in a wireless device patent, WO-2011000859-A1: Control valve for a cooling circuit of an automobile engine patent, WO-2011008888-A3: Computerized systems and processes for promoting businesses patent, WO-2011016655-A3: Super-hydrophobic photosensitive resin composition and black matrix thereof patent, WO-2011022664-A1: Fused quartz tubing for pharmaceutical packaging patent, WO-2011091226-A2: Safety razor patent, WO-2011094839-A1: System and method for creating and displaying map projections related to real-time images patent, WO-2011095918-A1: Data processing of group imaging studies patent, WO-2011098439-A3: A process for introducing a double bond into position 15,16 of a steroid patent, WO-2011099775-A3: Apparatus and method for updating control information of a target base station during handover operation in a broadband wireless communication system patent, WO-2011112234-A1: Food holding device, method of making, and method of storing cooked food patent, WO-2011133423-A2: Load sharing bone fastener and methods of use patent, WO-2011135186-A1: Medical x-ray imaging apparatus patent, WO-2011138970-A1: Transmission terminal, transmission method, and computer-readable recording medium storing transmission program patent, WO-2011146290-A3: Direct engraving of flexographic printing plates patent, WO-2011149750-A2: High speed low power multi-touch touch device and controller therefor patent, WO-2011156656-A2: Multiplex immune effector molecule assay patent, WO-2012003344-A3: Packet protocol processing with precision timing protocol support patent, WO-2012015188-A2: Method and apparatus for controlling energy supply patent, WO-2012024582-A2: Color-tunable lighting devices and methods for tunning color output of lighting devices patent, WO-2012026752-A3: Terminal and server for integratedly managing phd standard and phd non-standard data patent, WO-2012042446-A3: Fibres and relative woven and non woven tissues for the topic treatment of sexual dysfunctions of the male genital apparatus patent, WO-2012044381-A3: System, method and computer program product for aiming target patent, WO-2012060902-A2: Flush jamb patent, WO-2012067916-A1: Systems and methods for managing reduced pressure at a plurality of wound sites patent, WO-2012074691-A2: Process and apparatus for recovering catalytic product patent, WO-2012075277-A2: Synthetic methods patent, WO-2012078929-A2: Containers for holding materials patent, WO-2012087890-A3: Wood heater with enhanced microwave launch efficiency patent, WO-2012097871-A1: Method and apparatus for magnetic transformation patent, WO-2012115700-A3: Ergonomic chair patent, WO-2012129268-A2: Transport containers for preserving material at a desired temperature patent, WO-2012140408-A1: Chin and neck support device patent, WO-2012144757-A2: Method and apparatus for connecting devices patent, WO-2012145093-A3: Poker wager equity sharing and insurance patent, WO-2012151475-A1: Fpga ram blocks optimized for use as register files patent, WO-2012162595-A3: Pesticidal compositions and related methods patent, WO-2012165972-A3: On-board-unit for use in vehicle identification patent, WO-2012173655-A1: Management and control system for a designated functional space having at least one portal patent, WO-2013002813-A2: Electrolytic apparatus and method for treating water to remove nitrates, phosphates, arsenic, molecules of high molecular weight, and organic materials patent, WO-2013009455-A3: Remotely activated downhole apparatus and methods patent, WO-2013016758-A1: Multi directional multiplexer patent, WO-2013022663-A1: Pneumatically actuated redirect surface patent, WO-2013022849-A1: Lock screens to access work environments on a personal mobile device patent, WO-2013028850-A1: Acoustic decorative material patent, WO-2013033754-A1: A method and system of recalibrating an inertial sensor patent, WO-2013033845-A1: System and methods for estimating respiratory airflow patent, WO-2013052841-A1: Pressure correcting distributor for heating and cooling systems patent, WO-2013067808-A1: Simple suspension bridge type belt conveyor patent, WO-2013088323-A3: Operation of wireless resource-constrained devices in ip networks patent, WO-2013097040-A1: Mobile communications device providing near field communication (nfc) security features and related methods patent, WO-2013098369-A1: Symbol timing estimation for coherent polarization multiplex optical receivers patent, WO-2013101047-A1: Systems, methods, and apparatus for invehicle fiducial mark tracking and interpretation patent, WO-2013106688-A3: Authenticating cloud computing enabling secure services patent, WO-2013115769-A1: Providing network attached storage devices to management sub-systems patent, WO-2013131056-A3: Adjusting rf parameters of a femto node based on capabilities of neighboring|access points patent, WO-2013134442-A1: Duplex chromogenic assay for in situ detection of nucleic acids patent, WO-2013155619-A1: Conversational agent patent, WO-2013167954-A3: A downhole downhole assembly, tool and method patent, WO-2013170268-A3: System and method for dynamic transaction management and collaborative authoring of a negotiable document patent, WO-2013178894-A1: Device providing sealing between two cooling radiators installed in a vehicle patent, WO-2013184680-A1: Automatic parallel performance profiling systems and methods patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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